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LaserCap™ in Nashville, TN

At New Life Physicians, located in Brentwood, the residents of Nashville, Franklin and the surrounding areas of Tennessee, regenerative medicine specialist Dr. Morgan Moor offers the LaserCap™ to help enhance hair restoration.

Hair loss can take a toll on a person’s self-image and confidence level. It can be treated with costly medications or hair transplants, but these options can come with side effects. Luckily, a new treatment called LaserCap™ is available to people living with hair loss.

What is LaserCap™?

LaserCap™ contains gentle lasers and is designed to fit inside almost any hat. It combats thinning hair through the use of 224 650nm 5mW lasers, which are positioned in a dome shape. Unlike other treatment options, LaserCap™ is used outside the physician’s office.

How does LaserCap™ work?

The LaserCap™ is powered by a portable battery. Other devices similar to LaserCap™ employ nine laser circuits; LaserCap™ contains 224 laser circuits. LaserCap™ can be worn at home, at work, or during most any pastime, as long as the device is not immersed in water.

What happens while wearing the LaserCap™?

The LaserCap™ may emit clicking sounds when it is placed on the head as the lasers generate power. It is usually worn for 30 minutes at a time, but Dr. Moor will offer personalized instruction for each patient. As is the case with any laser, do not look directly inside the LaserCap™ while it is powered on.

What does the LaserCap™ consist of?

The LaserCap™ kit includes a case to make it easy to carry the LaserCap™, a charger, and a battery pack. The charger and battery pack can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet.

How soon does the LaserCap™ produce results?

Many patients notice thickening hair after three to six months of use. Wear the LaserCap™ as directed after starting treatment; halting use prematurely will stop further hair re-growth and could reverse previous progress.

LaserCap™ Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I see any results?

You will see improvement in the condition of your hair within the first week of treatment. Patients can experience diminished shedding in as little as three months, and hair growth is typically noticeable after one year. Results differ from patient to patient.

How do I use LaserCap™?

Place the LaserCap™ inside a favorite hat. Turn the battery pack off and allow the battery to charge. Fasten the battery back to LaserCap™, switch on the power and wear it as directed.

Can I put LaserCap™ in any hat?

The LaserCap™ will fit inside any hat, as long as it’s large enough to hold it in place. You may also opt to wear LaserCap™ alone.

Does it work for women?

LaserCap™ is suitable for women and men.

Can I use LaserCap™ along with Rogaine® or Propecia®?

LaserCap™ is safe to use with additional hair loss treatments including Rogaine®, Propecia® and Minoxidil.

Can I use LaserCap™ if I have had a hair transplant?

Yes, but consult with Dr. Moor before using LaserCap™.

Can I use LaserCap™ while being active, such as jogging, walking, in the car, etc.?

Yes, however, do not use the LaserCap™ during activities where the device could be submerged in water.

How do I charge my LaserCap™?

Plug in the charger, switch the battery pack off and then plug the pack into the charger. A green light will appear on the charger when the process is complete.

Is it ever too early to use LaserCap™?

Some people may not be experiencing hair loss or thinning, but may be concerned because older relatives in their families have lost their hair over time. LaserCap™ could diminish or halt hair loss, but more formal studies are needed to solidify supporting evidence. In addition, a relatively small level of light will be able to reach the scalp for someone with a fair amount of hair. In this case, patients should give us a call for recommendations on ways to help more light make its way to the scalp.

How long does it take to charge LaserCap™?

Usually about four hours. Because the LaserCap™ power pack has safeguards in place to prevent overcharging, it may be plugged in overnight while you sleep.

Is LaserCap™ FDA cleared?

The FDA has yet to clear LaserCap™ because the process takes time. Two devices containing lasers have gotten FDA clearance for regrowing hair. One is a hand-held device containing nine lasers that looks similar to a comb that is designed for use in men, while the second, intended for use in women, consists of 90 lasers placed inside a hood. The latter technique is administered in a doctor’s office. The 224-laser LaserCap™ employs the same laser technology as both of these options.

Why is LaserCap™ a good option over a laser comb or in-office laser hood?

Hair loss treatment with LaserCap™ is fast and convenient. There’s no need to spend time combing through the hair, and you won’t have to endure multiple visits to the doctor’s office or the salon.

Is it safe to look at LaserCap™ lasers while on?

Never look directly at the lasers in the LaserCap™.

How long do I need to use LaserCap™?

If you cease using LaserCap™, hair growth will stop, and you risk reversing any previous progress you achieved.

How often do I need to use LaserCap™?

Follow the recommendations of your doctor. Normally, patients use the LaserCap™ for 30-minute intervals, every other day.

Does LaserCap™ have to be fully charged for me to use it?

You should charge the power pack prior to every use. This will ensure the LaserCap™ will maintain its power level during use.

How do I clean my LaserCap™?

Use a damp cloth or an alcohol wipe to keep the LaserCap™ surface clean.

Schedule a LaserCap™ Consultation with Dr. Morgan Moor

Dr. Morgan Moor and her staff, located in Brentwood and serving the residents of Nashville, Franklin and the surrounding areas of Tennessee, are committed to helping hair restoration patients make the right choices when preparing to undergo surgery. To schedule a LaserCap™ consultation, contact our office today.