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Skin Tightening in Nashville, TN

Photo rejuvenation is the process in which surface skin is treated for irregularities such benign pigmented and vascular lesions. The procedure is done with a laser or other light-based method. Located in Brentwood, New Life Physicians, led by regenerative medicine specialist Dr. Morgan Moor, uses the Candela® GentleMax Pro™ medical grade laser to provide their patients in Nashville, Franklin and the surrounding communities of Tennessee with amazing results.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation with Candela® GentleMax Pro™ Laser

Laser skin rejuvenation is a procedure used to tighten skin, reducing wrinkles, fine lines, sun or age spots and sagging skin. This facial rejuvenation provides patients with noticeable results including smoother skin, a more even skin tone, and a younger looking appearance.

Laser skin rejuvenation is not a surgical procedure, so it is minimally invasive. Instead of traditional surgical procedures, this process uses lasers to tighten skin. The lasers heat the collagen under the skin’s top layer, forcing the skin to tighten. The results are immediate and side effects are scarce. You might experience some reddening of the skin, and there is virtually no downtime. The skin will continue to tighten over the next few months. For even better results, doctors recommend that you undergo two or three treatments at least a month apart.

Laser skin rejuvenation is one of the most effective ways to minimalize wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin, thereby creating smooth and supple skin and a much younger appearance.

How does GentleMax Pro™ Laser skin rejuvenation work?

One of the most popular reasons people choose laser skin tightening over more invasive cosmetic procedures is that it comes with very little risk, yet it offers big results. The effects of the tightening can be seen immediately, and they continue improving for a few weeks. Generally, the only side effects that occur are a temporary reddening of the skin, and occasionally there can be a temporary darkening or lightening of the pigment in the skin of the areas that were treated. There is a slight possibility of scarring, but this is very rare.

Can laser treat pigmentation?

The laser can be used to eradicate pigmented lesions including freckles, age spots, mottled skin/hyperpigmentation, epidermal melasma, and café au lait birthmarks. These forms of pigmented lesions are caused by the irregular production of melanin. When this occurs, the lesion suddenly becomes visible on the surface of the skin. Sun exposure is responsible for the appearance of most lesions, but they can also be produced by hormonal fluctuations and medications. You are more susceptible to getting these types of lesions when you are pregnant or menopausal.

The treatment consists of harnessing the energy of light and distributing it into the skin. This light energy is then absorbed by the melanin that is contained in the pigmented lesion. As heat is produced it causes just enough thermal damage to occur to destroy the melanin, eradicating the lesion. After 5 to 10 minutes, the surface of the lesion will grow dark and form a scab, which will eventually fall off revealing new smoother and lighter skin.

Can laser treat vessels?

It is possible for lasers to treat vascular lesions such as those found on facial and leg vessels. Lasers can also help hemangiomas, port wine stains, and rosacea. Lasers can dilute redness and Poikiloderma of Civatte, which is a combination of pigmentation and vessels. The cause of vascular lesions is usually the product of genetics, exposure to the sun, excessive temperatures, and fluctuating hormones.

When a laser is used to treat a vascular area, it heats the hemoglobin molecules found in the red blood cells. The heat produced by the laser destroys red blood cells before transferring to the vessel wall. The vessel wall must be heated enough to damage the red blood cells. The vessels will often clear instantly. They can darken, redden or swell temporarily.

If you live in Nashville, Franklin or the surrounding communities of Tennessee, and are interested in learning more about laser skin rejuvenation, please contact New Life Physicians in Brentwood.