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Stem Cell Facelift in Nashville, TN

At New Life Physicians in Brentwood, regenerative medicine specialist Dr. Morgan Moor offers the latest, nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatment, the stem cell facelift. Dr. Moor uses this procedure to restore youthful volume and contours to the faces of patients from Nashville, Franklin and the surrounding communities of Tennessee.

What Is a Stem Cell Facelift?

Stem cells are considered the holy grail of cellular renewal and their unique ability to heal and regenerate damaged tissue makes stem cells a wonderful alternative to facelift surgery. The stem cell facelift is one of the fastest growing anti-aging and skin plumping treatments in cosmetic medicine. This innovative procedure harvests stem-cell-rich fat from your own body, which is then injected into the face to add volume and reverse other signs of aging. The stem cell facelift can complement a traditional facelift or be performed as a standalone procedure. Because stem cells are self-renewing and derived from the patient’s own body, patients can expect natural-looking and long-lasting facial rejuvenation results.

Stem cells have revolutionized medicine and the way we heal our bodies, and because they can transform into other specialized cells, such as heart cells or bone cells, they can form healthy, new skin cells once injected into the face. This not only allows for a realistic younger look but ensures that the results only get better with time.

Similar to autologous fat transfer, the stem cell facelift collects fat from the patient’s body for transplantation to another area. However, the stem cell facelift uses your own natural fat and stem cells and other growth factors.

The stem cell facelift is performed in two stages. During the first stage, a thin cannula suctions natural fat along with stem cells from predetermined donor sites on the body. Abdominal and thigh fat are the most common donor sites due to the high concentration of stem cells in the adipose tissue from these areas. In the second stage, the doctor transplants the harvested fat and stem cells to the face via injection to plump and tighten the facial skin and restore a fuller, more youthful appearance to the face.

Dr. Moor is proud to be one of the most sought-after stem cell facelift providers in the Brentwood area. Many patients choose this innovative procedure not only for its long-lasting results but also for its simple and convenient recovery period. With the stem cell facelift, patients no longer have to wait months to heal and see their final results. Most patients experience the age-defying effects of the stem cell facelift almost immediately after undergoing the procedure.

Goals of a Stem Cell Facelift

Whether you choose to undergo the stem cell facelift as a standalone treatment or combine it with a traditional facelift, the goal of the procedure is to improve the texture, tone and contour of the face without the risk of tissue rejection or allergic reaction by the body. The stem cell facelift is also a breakthrough in cosmetic medicine for people who want to eliminate lines and wrinkles, fill in hollowed areas of the face and combat signs of aging without surgical incisions and subsequent scarring.

Maintaining balance and natural proportions of the face is the top concern of many patients who undergo any type of facial filler procedure. Overfilling or uneven filling of the face with fillers can not only make the results look fake and unnatural, but it can even make texture and contour irregularities worse. It’s important to have these types of procedures performed by an experienced professional such as Dr. Moor, who uses her extensive training and thorough understanding of facial anatomy and proportion to provide beautiful, balanced and realistic results to all patients.

The Best Candidates for a Stem Cell Facelift

As long as you’re in relatively good health and have reasonable expectations about the procedure, you’re a likely candidate for a stem cell facelift. The best candidates have done thorough research about the procedure and completed a consultation with Dr. Moor.

Considering a Stem Cell Facelift

If you’re considering a stem cell facelift, remember that as with any cosmetic procedure, outside pressures should not influence your decisions. You should only have cosmetic procedures for you and you alone. There is no minimum or ideal age for regenerative procedures, such as the stem cell facelift. The perfect time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Moor is when you notice skin imperfections and signs of aging that you’d like to correct.

How Much Does a Stem Cell Facelift Cost in Nashville?

Most insurance plans classify a stem cell facelift as a cosmetic procedure, which means benefits are not extended. To make aesthetic surgery affordable and accessible, New Life Physicians accepts cash, checks, credit cards and financing to cover the cost of your stem cell facelift.

If you live in Nashville, Franklin or the surrounding areas of Tennessee, and are thinking about a facelift, but don’t want to undergo surgery, contact Dr. Morgan Moor at New Life Physicians in Brentwood about a stem cell facelift.