Voluma™ in Nashville, TN

For those who want to diminish visible facial wrinkles and fine lines, dermal fillers such as Voluma™ may be the solution you seek. Located in Brentwood, New Life Physicians, led by regenerative medicine specialist Dr. Morgan Moor, offers Voluma™ to the residents of Nashville, Franklin and the surrounding communities of Tennessee.

What Is Voluma™?

Voluma™ is a dermal filler treatment that contains hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance that diminishes the visible signs of aging by filling in wrinkles and smoothing skin. Voluma™ is currently the only FDA-approved injectable filler treatment that uses Vycross™ technology. Vycross™ is a gel-like substance that permeates the skin quickly to fill in crevices and add contour, resulting in firmer skin with better elasticity. Voluma™ is approved to treat loss of volume and contour around the cheeks and mid-face region.

Benefits of Voluma™

Voluma™ has earned worldwide popularity due to its ability to lift and fill skin from underneath. Patients continue to choose this treatment because of the advanced Vycross™ technology and the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid. Some of the other benefits of Voluma™ include:

  • Immediate results that increase over time and last up to two years
  • No recovery time necessary
  • Natural ingredients reduce risk of allergic reactions
  • Quick outpatient treatment
  • Provides smoother and younger-looking skin

Who Is a Good Candidate for Voluma™?

Healthy adults over the age of 21 are the best candidates for this treatment. Voluma™ is preferred by those who want more elasticity and firmer skin and around their cheeks. In addition to enhancing volume and contour, Voluma™ also softens fine lines and wrinkles in younger patients that are just beginning to notice the signs of aging. Older patients also benefit from the rejuvenating effects of Voluma™ injections.

How involved is the Voluma™ Procedure?

The typical Voluma™ treatment is quick, painless and minimally invasive when administered by a skilled specialist such as Dr. Moor, using only the most advanced medical devices and techniques to deliver precise doses to the areas that will yield the best results. If you are concerned about any discomfort, you may request a topical anesthetic, but it is usually unnecessary. Patients are free to return to their regular activities immediately following treatment.

How Long Is The Recovery Period Following Voluma™?

Voluma™ injections require no recovery time. Some patients experience minor redness around the injection sites and others may feel some mild tenderness and itching, but these symptoms subside within 48 hours of the treatment. We recommend avoiding massages and dental work for at least two weeks following the treatment.

How Much Does Voluma™ Cost In Nashville?

Since health insurance does not typically cover elective cosmetic procedures, such as Voluma®, Dr. Moor’s office provides an array of payment options, including flexible financing methods, as well as cash, personal checks, and credit cards.

If you live in and around Nashville, Franklin or the surrounding communities of Tennessee and would like to increase the volume or elasticity of your skin, please contact New Life Physicians in Brentwood to see if Voluma™ is right for you.