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In this day and age, we all know the importance of eating right and following a healthy diet. Even so, coming up with a healthy diet plan is often difficult for many people. Dr. Morgan Moor, a regenerative medicine specialist, and her staff at New Life Physicians in Brentwood understands that nutritional therapies and weight loss programs must be custom tailored for the residents of Nashville, Franklin and the surrounding communities of Tennessee.

What is Wellness?

More than ever before, we hear this word in the news, on billboards, in conversations and even at work. Interestingly, there is no universally-accepted definition of wellness. There is, however, a set of common characteristics seen in most thoughtful attempts at a definition of wellness. We generally see a reference to a “state of well-being,” which is vague, to say the least. Also, frequently seen is a “state of acceptance or satisfaction with our present condition.”

The truth is wellness is a tough word to define. That said, we’ll leave it to Charles B. Corbin of Arizona State University who gives this definition of wellness:

“Wellness is a multidimensional state of being describing the existence of positive health in an individual as exemplified by quality of life and a sense of well-being.”

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence.

Wellness can also be described as “the constant, conscious pursuit of living life to its fullest potential.”

Here at New Life Physicians, we customize our wellness packages to suit the patient’s needs on an individual basis. Whether you are seeking a life change or you have specific health concerns we are here to assist and help guide you throughout your journey, we are here for you every step of the way!

What we offer:

Sexual Rejuvenation


Why Get Nutritional Counseling?

We all know that eating and following a healthier diet will benefit us, which is why a nutritional counselor can be such an invaluable resource. Nutritional experts can give you the answers, information, and enthusiasm you need to make that healthy change you’ve wanted to make.

Speaking with a nutritionist might be beneficial if you:

  • Want to gain or lose weight
  • Are pregnant, in the process of getting pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Suffer from a chronic medical condition that requires a strictly controlled diet
  • Are considering weight loss surgery, such as a gastric bypass surgery
  • Need some help learning how to eat healthier
  • Want to help your family and loved ones eat healthier and live longer
  • Would like to get the “pep back in your step” once more

New Life Physicians is a wellness center that specializes in providing nutritional counseling and weight loss treatments for the residents of Nashville, Franklin and the surrounding communities of Tennessee. To learn more about the benefits of visiting our wellness center, contact our Brentwood office today.