Hormone Replacement Therapy and Wellness Center in Nashville, TN

Welcome to New Life Physicians, located in Brentwood and led by regenerative medicine specialist Dr. Morgan Moor. We want to help the residents of Nashville, Franklin and the surrounding communities of Tennessee achieve and maintain optimal health, beauty, and vitality.

Feel like yourself again with our exclusive approach to restorative and preventative care individually designed for you.

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What is Regenerative and Restorative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a pioneering medical discipline that harnesses the power of platelet rich plasma (PRP), and/or stem cells to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities, restore function to damaged organs, tissues and cells, and cure previously untreatable injuries and chronic diseases.

Restorative Medicine is age management medicine which focuses on a proactive, positive, and most importantly preventative approach to aging. Comprehensive treatment plans are personalized to the current condition and desired outcome of each patient. Age management medicine optimizes the body’s own cell signaling molecules and chemical messengers, such as hormones, cytokines, peptides and growth factors. Treatment plans often include vitamin and nutraceutical supplementation to guard against chronic inflammation, which is the underlying cause of many chronic illnesses and premature aging.

Most people would prefer a healthy and enduring life, including an intimate and active sex life, as opposed to a long life undermined by disease and bad health, and age management medicine provides a rather detailed, yet rewarding plan to reach this goal. If patients follow their personalized plan, they can not only enjoy an improved quality of life and possibly prolong their lifespan, but they can also bolster their muscle, bone, and overall physical strength, and feel happier, more energetic and valuable as they age.

What we do:

  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy – provides an effective, natural method of restoring natural hormonal balance so you can return to being your normal, vibrant self.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP therapy involves harvesting platelets from the patient’s own blood in order to inject them into areas such as the breasts for enhancement, the face to plump the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and head to promote hair restoration.
  • O-Shot™ – a non-surgical procedure that treats sexual dysfunction and stimulates the vagina in a way that positively impacts orgasm.
  • MedSpa – provides a variety of treatment options to rejuvenate not only your appearance but also your mind and body.
  • Vampire PRP Therapy – uses your own natural resources to non-surgically lift your face and/or breasts for improvement that is subtle and youthful looking.
  • Hair Restoration – Dr. Moor specializes in hair restoration using the newest methods without invasive procedures. In just six months, you can see amazing results!

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Meet Dr. Morgan Moor
After enduring a long illness and misdiagnosed bouts of hormone imbalances, Dr. L. Morgan Moor was introduced to the benefits of bio-equivalent hormone replacement therapy. Her dramatic health transformation birthed a passion to learn more about this field. Dr. Moor is happily married with four children.